About Pieper Red Angus

Pieper Red Angus is located in the Western Nebraska Sand Hills. Our operation consists of 600 registered red angus cows and 25 to 30 brood mares. Our ranching heritage runs five generations deep in Nebraska and Wyoming. Pieper Ranch has had registered red angus cattle for almost forty years. We strive to produce cattle that balance in multiple traits, and we don’t single trait select. Producing cattle that are wide based with muscle, sound feet, and legs that work in a variety of environments is important to our operation.

Producing Champions!

We not only use the best genetics from our own operation every year, but also strive to consistently inject new and proven genetics from around the country into our program for our registered operations every year. Pieper sired cattle are topping the market around the country and are known for quality. They have been proven, not only in the feed yard, but also in the show ring with our own herd producing 10X Denver pen of three champions, national champion bull, and also multiple champions at Houston, Black Hills Stock Show, Fort Worth Stock Show, Nile and NAILE.

Award Winning Breeder

We have also been privileged to be selected for the very first Gridmaster award along with RAAA breeder of the year and Pioneer breeder of the year.

We strive to produce cattle that work for you, not you working for your cattle.

Sire Directory

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